Our unique Mini Shooters curriculum has been specially designed for 3 to 8 year olds and each 45 minute session are run by one of our fully trained Mini Shooters FA qualified coaches who have extensive experience in teaching and communicating with children.   Our primary objective is to creatively introduce your children to the sport of football, whilst guaranteeing character development, physical development and most of all fun in our exciting programme!  


We believe that children improve their skills the most when they are playing with children of similiar ability and age.  We therefore group children into their relevant group, to make sure they get the most fun out of our sessions!


At Mini Shooters, we aim to give your child the best possible start into sport and football. With an emphasis around fun learning, you will see your child develop their physical and social skills as they progress through a carefully structured course.


3 Years


At 3, a simple introduction into the wide world of football is used as motor skill games provide a foundation for future development. Learn by playing is an ethos we use at mini-kickers as its important each child learns at their own speed. Lively games which enco-orporate challenges, co-ordination in a fun atmosphere are essential to development. Simple skill foundations are set as they learn how to steer a ball in any direction and attempt to achieve targets like scoring goals. Parent assisted games are included as the children relish the opportunity to best mum or dad in simple challenge games.


4 Years


At 4, we begin adding the foundations of team play into their learning, as this provides healthy competition as well as boosting social skills. At this age, their confidence increases so does their ability, which is while we feel it’s important to experiment with what they know, and try new skills. Simple problem solving tasks are used to challenge and encourage your child to best their current skills. As their understanding blossoms, the games become more challenging and they will learn basic control and technique as to tackle the tasks set. Each week a mission will be given to them – such as scoring 5 goals – so a sense of accomplishment is achieved at the end of each week. Games against parents again encourage them to show up mum or dad with what they have learnt.


5 - 6 Years


At this age, your child will find they already have the fundimentals needed to progress in football. We encourage them to keep playing and developing their skills as now they don’t have mum or dad to help them, they must solve problems on their own. Although independent learning is crucial, team games enable their social skills to progress further as they get a sense of working together to overcome a task – for example beating a coach! Correct technique is encouraged through the games played and by the support of the coaches to help boost self estime and ability, this provides a stepping stone for their skills to evolve. 


At this age, our players also get the opportunity to play for our team APB FC.